2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Harald Welte

Harald Welte is a freelancer, consultant, enthusiast, freedom fighter and hacker who is working with Free Software (and particularly the Linux kernel) since 1995. His first major code contribution to the kernel was within the netfilter/iptables packet filter.

He has started a number of other FOSS and Free Hardware projects and became the lead system architect of the Openmoko smartphone.

Aside from his technical contributions, Harald has been pioneering the legal enforcement of the GNU GPL license as part of his gpl-violations.org project. He has received the 2007 "FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software" and the "2008 Google/O'Reilly Open Source award: Defender of Rights".

From 2008 on, Harald has been working on Free Software implementations of mobile communications protocols, founding OpenBSC and what later became the Osmocom.org project.

He is co-founder of a company called sysmocom, providing products and services centered around the Free Software Osmocom projects.

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