2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Vishakha Damle

Authors :

1. Sarvesh Rangnekar ( sarveshr7@gmail.com )

2. Om Pawar ( ompawar.1992@gmail.com )

3. Amogh Palnitkar( amogh.1337@gmail.com )

4. Vishakha Damle( vishakha.22@gmail.com )

5. Swapnil Pimpale ( pimpale.swapnil@gmail.com )

6. Nafisa Mandliwala ( nafisa.mandliwala@gmail.com )

Sarvesh, Om, Amogh and Vishakha are undergraduate students of PICT(Pune Institute of Computer Technology), Pune, India.

Swapnil and Nafisa are past graduates from PICT and active members of L3cube (previously PICT Linux Users' Group)

Swapnil is a Linux enthusiast and possesses sound understanding of the Linux kernel internals, File Systems, x86 Architecture and system bring-up. In his free time, he also mentors academic projects. Sarvesh, Om, Amogh and Vishakha have in-depth understanding of the block I/O layer of the Linux kernel.

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