2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Joseph Potvin

Education: Doctoral Candidate (2013-2015), Project Management, Unversite du Quebec Masters Certificate in Project Management, Sprott (2013), Carleton; MPhil Cambridge University, Economics & Technology (1987) Hon.Economics, McGill University (1983)

Selected Career Notes:

— President & General Manager, The Opman Company. Assisting sets of clients with inter-operations management;

— Development and delivery for a Fortune 500 client of a course on "Business Risk-Minimization and Value-Maximization with Free/Libre/Open Works" http://www.projectmanagementhotel.com/projects/course-free-libre-open ;

— Co-organizer of Edgeconf-NYC BoF on "Web Payments and Enabling Price Stability" https://payswarm.com/events/2013/nyc-web-payments-bof https://payswarm.com/specs/source/use-cases/ (Use Case 2.11 Currency Exchange)

— Coordinator of Earth Reserve Archetype Developers' Group / Le Groupe de développeurs de l'Archétype d'une réserve de la Terre (ERA-ART).

— Previous: Served 10 years in the Canadian Government (TBS & PWGSC) as Founding Coordinator of the Intellectual Resources Canada (IRCan) Initiative. IRCan saved a diversity of federal projects considerable money and time by leveraging free/libre/open source methods and licensing.

— Founding Co-Coordinator of GOSLING (Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments) http://www.meetup.com/Promoting-Open-Source-Libre-to-the-Canadian-government/

— President and General Manager of Mobility Ottawa­-Outaouais: Systems & Enterprises Inc.;

— Project Coordinator on behalf of Canadian Wildlife Federation, and Paddle Canada, The Sport and Ecology Park of Canada's Capital;

— 2009 Keynote Address, 2nd Annual Symposium on Value Investing, held in Greece, Ivey School of Business, U Western Ontario;

— Previous: Contractor to the World Bank, IDRC, CIDA;

— Previous: Economist on core drafting team for Canada's Green Plan in 1990.

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