2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Vasily Tarasov

Vasily Tarasov is a Researcher in the Scale-out Storage Software group at IBM Research - Almaden. He received his PhD degree at Stony Brook University where he studied file systems and storage technologies. Before Stony Brook, Vasily worked at Parallels as a kernel developer. Vasily is the author of over 10 papers in peer-reviewed conferences and a co-inventor in several patents. Dmdedup was developed as part of his university project in collaboration with Deepak Jain (Pernixdata), Geoff Kuenning (HMC), Sonam Mandal (SBU), Karthikeyani Palanisami (NetApp), Philip Shilane (EMC), Sagar Trehan (Nimble Storage), and Erez Zadok (SBU), among others.

Deepak Jain is a Software Engineer at PernixData working on I/O acceleration in FVP software. He received master's degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. As part of his research, Deepak worked on various performance related problems in the area of virtualized storage, virtual machine disk introspection, and deduplication systems. Before coming to Stony Brook, Deepak worked for NetApp developing WAFL file system. At NetApp, Deepak worked on SAN protocols, SCSI, Fibre Channel and OpenKey standards.

Geoff Kuenning is Professor of Computer Science and the Director of Computer Science Clinic at Harvey Mudd College. His research interests focus on file systems, tracing, and performance measurement and analysis. He is the co-chair of the SNIA IOTTA Technical Working Group and the primary maintainer of the SNIA IOTTA Trace Repository. Dr. Kuenning holds degrees in computer science from Michigan State University and UCLA.

Sonam Mandal received her master's degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University where she worked as a Research Assistant at File systems and Storage Lab under the guidance of Prof. Erez Zadok. She will be joining the PhD program at Stony Brook University in Fall 2014. Earlier she worked in Motorola Mobility and Azingo Soft startup. She completed her Undergraduate program at MNNIT, India in the year 2009.

Karthikeyani Palanisami is a Software Engineer working with Netapp at Sunnyvale. She is a part of the team that develops a file system for Netapp's all-flash storage array. Karthi holds her master's degree from Stony Brook University. Her Master's project advised by Prof. Erez Zadok was on Dmdedup, a block layer deduplication target. Before pursuing master's degree Karthi was working at Indian Institute of Science on mobile security.

Dr. Philip Shilane is a Principal Software Engineer in the Data Protection & Availability Division of EMC Corporation, in the office of the Chief Technology Officer. Shilane joined Data Domain in 2007, which went public and was later purchased by EMC. His main research interests are in the areas of storage and file systems with a particular focus in backup storage, deduplication, compression, and network replication. Besides publishing regularly at top venues, Shilane has 5 issued patents and over 40 in submission related to storage topics. Dr. Shilane earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University focusing on 3D computer graphics.

Sagar Trehan is an Engineer in the performance group at Nimble Storage. He received his master's degree from Stony Brook University. At the university he was a member of File system and Storage Lab, lead by Prof. Erez Zadok. During this time he worked on device-mapper deduplication target and FUSE write-back cache. Before Stony Brook, he was a part Netapp Bangalore India for 3 years.

Dr. Erez Zadok research focuses on storage systems and file systems. Zadok investigates those systems from various dimensions: security, performance, convenience, scalability, ease-of-use, energy efficiency, and more. Zadok's projects and research often led to software releases used worldwide: Unionfs, am-utils, and fistgen, among others. Zadok is the author of "Linux NFS and Automounter Administration" (Sybex, 2001). Dr. Zadok earned his PhD from Columbia University and serves on the faculty of Stony Brook University.

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