2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Craig Miller

Craig Miller is the author and current maintainer of expect-lite, an automation project. He developed the tool in 2005 and convinced his employer to open-source it in 2007. He is a dedicated open source advocate, running Linux mostly on Macs, but also ARM, and MIPS. He is also an IPv6 evangelist, running IPv6 at home, participating in IPv6 day in June 2011, and spearheading IPv6 development at Ciena.

Before moving to Canada, he was the Chief Engineer at Hawaii Public Radio, a Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Certified Senior Radio/TV Broadcast Engineer and networking expert with Bay Networks. In Ottawa, he has been creating embedded Linux products at small to large companies including Seaway Networks, Nortel and Ciena.

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