2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Expect-lite 4 years later

Craig Miller (cvmiller@gmail.com)

Much has changed since the open source project expect-lite was presented at the 2010 Linux Symposium. This lightning talk will begin with a quick review, and take a fast look at expect-lite's new features: 1) Color output, for quick scanning of failures, 2) Powerful Integrated Debugger, supporting step, skip, and copy/paste, 3) Code Blocks, enabling more structured programming techniques such as: while loops, foreach loops, and multi-line if statements, 4) Native Logging support, including enable/disable logging inside a script, and 5) User Defined Help, making your script more helpful to others.

Lastly, a couple of sample scripts will be provided to the audience for further exploration, all in 15 minutes. Demonstrating once again, that expect-lite is automation for the rest of us.

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