2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Cortex-M, for type-A developers

Trevor Woerner (twoerner@gmail.com)

Given the plethora of Windows(R)-only tutorials, courses, and development tools available for Cortex-M development, one could be excused for thinking it might be difficult if not impossible to write code for these devices using nothing but a Linux development host (and more specifically the Linux command-line). The truth is there are excellent tools available for the Linux cmdline enthusiast.

However, developing for a Cortex-M device is not as straight-forward as native Linux development. There are some tricks which (if you know of them ahead of time) increase your chances for success. Finding this information can be a challenge as there aren't many initiatives which aim to provide such end-to-end instruction in one place. This talk aims to provide the audience with the background information they can use to get started on their own Cortex-M development projects with their Linux tools.

If you are a programmer who is comfortable working from the Linux command-line and are interested in writing code for an ARM Cortex-M device, this talk will provide some helpful information and tips to get you started.

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