2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Starting and maintaining an Open Source, Linux based project

Dale Hamel (daleha@gmail.com)

Starting an Open Source project is easy, but keeping it alive and helping it flourish is complicated and challenging. You've probably encountered many projects that started strong, then either became chaotically disorganized, or fell off the map altogether. While there are many different kinds of projects, there are a few common problems that they all must address in order to be successful.

Linux provides a wonderful software platform for Open Source projects, and with the recent rise in popularity of inexpensive hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi minicomputer, there have been an explosion in the number of embedded Linux projects.

This tutorial will cover lessons gleamed by the presenter from the creation and maintenance of one such project, "RasPlex" - an embedded media center application for the Raspberry pi. While there are no silver bullets, general techniques for managing the social, professional, and technical aspects of a project will be presented and discussed.

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