2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Osmocom: Open Source Mobile Communications

Harald Welte (laforge@gnumonks.org)

During the past four years, Osmocom.org has become an umbrela project for implementations of software as well as hardware for mobile communications protocols/interfaces. The most well-known projects are the OpenBSC and OsmocomBB projects, enabling users to operate both the network side as well as the phone side of GSM from Free / Open Source Software. However, there is much more to discover!

The tools created by Osmocom.org are now used globally by universities, the IT security community as well as rural cellular operators.

The talk will give an overview about the various projects, including OsmocomTETRA, OsmocomGMR, OsmoSDR, SIMtrace, as well as many other members of the family.

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