2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Towards a Coherent, FLOSS-based Identity Management (Part 1)

Peter St. Onge (pete.stonge@utoronto.ca)

Towards a Coherent, FLOSS-based Identity Management (Part 1)

Identity Management (IdM) is crucial to enterprise computing in that it allows for economies of scale of user administration, account deployment, authentication, authorization and accountability to be leveraged across the organization's information infrastructure.

Conventional commercial IdM solutions seldom exist in isolation of complimentary technologies; indeed, IdM vendors typically provide connectors to different commonly-used systems. That said, such solutions usually allow certain technology combinations to 'just work' without issue, while combining technology solutions from disparate vendors can lead to brittleness in loose-coupling. In some cases, IdM solutions from some vendors generally expect that other key pieces of infrastructure (eg. DHCP, DNS, email, calendaring, etc) are also from the same vendor as well as of the same vintage.

While an IdM based on Free/Libre Open Source Software is not a panacea against interconnectivity issues, the opportunities such an IdM would present is surprisingly broad and worthy of study.

This talk will present an overview of FLOSS-based options for identity management and enterprise information services, why these are worth pursuing, and how these can be leveraged in smaller organizations.

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