2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Elements of Project Management for Free/Libre/Open Works (FLOW)

Joseph Potvin (jpotvin@opman.ca)

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is pleased to announce the launch of Version 2.0 of the Free/Libre/Open Works (FLOW) Syllabus.  This is a "curated guide to the domains of community knowledge that will help anyone involved in creating, maintaining or deploying Free/Libre/Open Works (FLOW)".

Please join this participatory BoF to explore common interests and combined efforts to enhance the syllabus, and to discuss what's under development presently.

The OSI is recruiting participants to its Management Education Working Group (OSI-EDU-WG). There's a conference call on OSI's instance of BigBlueButton each Tuesday at 21:00 GMT (London UK), ...which is Wednesday 6 am in Brisbane, Australia; and Tuesday 4 pm in NYC (the best compromise global time we could work out). From 2 Sept forward the OSI-EDU-WG's theme-based committee structure will meet as follows:
* The Educators Committee will meet in the 1st week of each month
* The Lawyers Committee will meet in the 2nd week of each month
* The Technologists Committee will meet in the 3rd week of each month
* The Project & Organizational Managers Committee will meet in the 4th week of each month

Background: The FLOW Syllabus was structured and assembled by Joseph Potvin of The Opman Company under contract last year to a Fortune 500 client to design and lead an advanced course for their team of free/libre/open source managers and developers. Originally a one-off, he suggested to make the FLOW Syllabus itself into a free/libre/open community resource. They agreed, and together approached the OSI Board with Version 1.0. It's now maintained on OSI's community wiki. The Opman Company re-commits a significant proportion of proceeds from all the company's training services contracts back into maintenance and further development of the FLOW Syllabus.

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