2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Nix: A hardware accelerated WebKit2 port for UNIX based devices

Thiago de Barros Lacerda (thiago.lacerda@openbossa.org)

It is widely known that WebKit is the core of all modern web browsers, because of its robustness, modularity and reliability. Today, we have several ports using WebKit, namely Mac (Safari), Qt, Efl and GTK. They share something in common: they are tied to a specific framework, so developers who want to use, contribute and extend them, must learn and use said framework, which sometimes is not a desirable thing to do.

Nix have a slightly different aim: to give the developer a raw WebKit port, plus a tiny C API, so they can build their web based applications on top of it using whatever toolkit they want, or maybe no toolkit at all. We take seriously the notion that the WebKit project should be a web rendering engine and nothing else, and try to develop as much of the auxiliary features as possible outside the WebKit, on top of a platform API through which the user will provide his own back ends (e.g. media playing and gamepads).

With this in mind we give the developer complete freedom to make his web based applications to act and behave however he wants, without imposing any dependency on toolkits, although being able to be used by them. Nix targets whoever wants to have a hardware accelerated WebKit2 port on UNIX based devices, with a minimum effort.

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