2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

Paper Presentations

Kunhoon Baik Samsung Electronics.
Policy-extendable LMK filter framework for embedded system
Antonio Barbalace Virginia Tech
Popcorn: a replicated-kernel OS based on Linux
Jon maddog Hall Linux International
Performance and Linux: The Next Step
Sandy Harris  
Feeding /dev/random on limited systems
Michael Jantz University of Kansas
Leveraging MPST in Linux to Achieve Power-Performance Goals
Thiago de Barros Lacerda Nokia Institute of Technology - INdT
Nix: A hardware accelerated WebKit2 port for UNIX based devices
Robert Lim University of California, Irvine
Computationally Efficient Multiplexing of Events on Hardware Counters
Sonam Mandal  
Dmdedup: Device Mapper Target for Data Deduplication
Jordan Melzer TELUS
Going Faster with Community Networks and TCP Multi-Pathing
Craig Miller Ciena
Expect-lite 4 years later
Stephan Müller atsec information security
CPU Jitter Random Number Generator
Joseph Schuchart TU Dresden
Scalable Tools for Performance Debugging of Parallel Linux Workloads
Peter St. Onge Information + Technology Services, University of Toronto
Towards a Coherent, FLOSS-based Identity Management (Part 1)
Andrei Warkentin VMware
iQUIK - An OldWorld PowerPC Linux bootloader for the 21st century
Trevor Woerner Linaro
Cortex-M, for type-A developers


Augusto Oliveira University of Waterloo
DataMill: Rigorous Performance Evaluation Made Easy
Jerome St-Louis Ecere Corporation
Cross-platform Application Development with the Ecere SDK

Lightning Talks

Aurelien Cedeyn CEA
Milkcheck : the distributed service manager
Ping-Hao Chang Skymizer
SkyPat: C++ Performance Analysis and Testing Framework
Abhijeet Pawar  
Stride based Transparent Compression
Geet kaur sukhmani  
Performance improvement of spamassassin
Gaurav S Suryagandh  
Network Monitoring as a service using Software Defined Networking

Bird Of a Feather Sessions

Dave Boutcher Akuna Capital LLC
Richard Guy Briggs Tricolour Net
Low Level Linux Group of Ottawa "L3GO"
Rohit Kumar Mehta University of Connecticut
Supporting Linux in Higher Education
Joseph Potvin The Opman Company
OSI's "Free/Libre/Open Works (FLOW) Syllabus", v2.0

Special Events

Andrew Hutton  
Whisky Tasting

Keynote Address

We have not yet announced any, but keep your eyes on this space.

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