2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16

The Linux Symposium is an academic-style technical professional development conference aimed at individuals, groups, and companies working on and around the Linux Operating System. Content varies in technical depth and we strive to always have content of interest to the most hard-core kernel developer as well as the enthusiastic system administrator.

If you're interested in Linux we would like to see you in Ottawa, Canada for the 15th Linux Symposium taking place from July 14-16, 2014 at the Lord Elgin Hotel. Room reservation details and location are on our Hotel & Travel page.

Jeff Garzik is our Keynote Speaker!

Jeff is a software engineer, blogger, futurist and entrepreneur. After helping to inaugurate CNN.com on the Internet in the early 1990s, He worked at a succession of Internet startups and service providers, all the while, working on open source software engineering projects for over two decades. Involvement in one of the best known open source projects, the Linux kernel, led to an extended tenure at Linux leader Red Hat, during open source's most formative years and now works as a software engineer and open source evangelist at BitPay.

Bitcoin, the Technology

It seems like everyone, everywhere is talking about Bitcoin-the-currency, but Bitcoin is so much more than just a currency exchange medium. Bitcoin is a catalyst that will force new cryptographically secure, openly audited systems, all based on Open Source technology. Imagine if governments published hash-secured and digitally signed accounting ledgers open to audit by anyone!

There are numerous non-currency related projects are being spurred on by the technology of Bitcoin, like BitMessage and with new applications being developed every day! Even if you believe that Bitcoin as a currency is an interesting experiment but ultimately unsustainable you will be amazed by the technology behind it and its huge unrealized potential.

History of the Symposium

Founded in 1999 as the Ottawa Linux Symposium was created as a place for people from all aspects of the Linux development community to present technical papers, get together to get to know each other personally and not just on LKML where conduct was not always as civil as it could have been. The Symposium has always aimed to provide a vendor neutral environment where good technical ideas would be presented and accepted or rejected on their own merits. We believe that we successfully filled this role for many years.

Annually our attendees represent over 30 countries and the Symposium strives to be one of best internationally represented Linux events with content coming from all corners of the vast and incredibly diverse Linux and Open Source Software community.

Our past keynote speakers have included many core members of the Linux development community including; Alan Cox, David S. Miller, Miguel de Icaza, Ted Ts'o, Stephen Tweedie, Paul "Rusty" Russell, Andrew Morton, David Jones, Greg Kroah-Hartman, James Bottomley, Werner Almesberger, Mark Shuttleworth, Keith Bergelt, Dirk Hohndel, Tim Riker, and Jon "Maddog" Hall.

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