2014 Linux Symposium, July 14-16


We are in the process of arranging some group discounts at local hotels.

Travel Information

Document Requirements

You can find details on the following page on which Travel Documents you may require to enter Canada.

Getting Downtown From Airport

To get from the Airport to downtown all you need to do is take the OC Transpo Bus #97 and get off when you reach the Mackenzie King Bridge stop at the Rideau Centre. Bus fare to downtown is $3 and very direct, taxi fare to the same location can approach $30. There is also a hotel shuttle priced somewhere in between.

If you are planning on driving (or looking for a ride) and can take on some passengers please send a note to and we can help get you in touch with people looking for rides.

Community Travel Assistance Fund

We realize it is late to do this but we have started a travel fund to help people make it to the event who would otherwise not be able to in the current economic climate. The short version is that we are taking contributions by Paypal to and seeking out active contributors who should be at the event and offering travel assistance. You can get all the details on the Community Travel Assistance Fund page.

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