Linux Symposium

Joseph Potvin

Hello, I lead The Opman Company (opman = operations management) and have just returned to the private sector after working the past dozen years as the founding Coordinator of Intellectual Resources Canada in the Canadian Government. Informally, during that time I've also been the founding Co-Coordinator of GOSLING That 10-year trajectory is traced here:

I'm an economist (HonBA McGill '83; M.Phil Cambridge '86), and besides free/libre/open business models for software I also work professionally on the applied and theoretical integration of finance and economics with ecosystem science and resources engineering.

My thoughts on software are summed up in this co-authored paper: A structure for comparing various free/libre/open source software licenses appears in Chapter 4 of this 2012 book: (This chapter is also available here: and a colour version of the visual framework appears on page 16 of this file: )

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