Linux Symposium

Jean-Francois Messier

Jean-Francois works on computers for over 20 years in the Government of Canada. He started when DOS was the leading operating system and was an early user of Windows when it came out. He was using Linux personnally since 1997, but have been involved in Linux servers for four years in an agency of the GoC, where he setup and manages LDAP-based Identity Management system, known as IDM. All IDM-related systems in the agency run under Linux and they also have corporate applications which also run under Linux, using Glassfish as the main application server.

He more recently started playing with Android devices. Once he was interested in the development of applications, such as tutorials and other simple applications, he realized that the setup of the SDK was not that easy, and require many efforts, especially when the Linux PC that he uses gets reinstalled with new distributions.

He is the president of Linux-Gatineau, and also owns the web site.

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