Linux Symposium

Bluetooth Low Energy support on Linux

Andre Guedes

Bluetooth Smart devices are a full range of small intelligent devices that communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, enabling them to operate for months to years with coin-cell batteries. Examples of already existing devices are wrist watches, heart-rate monitors, sensors, car key fobs and others. The new generation of computer peripherals like keyboards and mice are also going to use Bluetooth Low Energy to enable longer battery life. It's expected that in 2012 most smartphones will be able to communicate with these devices [1], and some smartphone companies already have products with this feature on the market.

The work to make the Linux Bluetooth stack (BlueZ project) interoperate with these devices it's ongoing, with several use-cases (profiles) already supported. But there still a lot of work to finish a full implementation of all profiles. This presentation will cover a brief introduction on how the technology works, the current status of the Bluetooth Low Energy support on BlueZ, presenting the available APIs, and also the plan to achieve full support. There will be also a few demos of Bluetooth Smart devices working on Linux.

[1] According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website:

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