Linux Symposium

Getting Android SDK on your Linux station

Jean-Francois Messier

Installing the Android SDK and related tools is something that is well covered for Windows but perhaps less under Linux. This presentation is about getting all the tools you need to have a development station for Android Parts of this will be in a slideshow format, switching to interactive from time to time. It will cover some of the hardware requirements, as well as the main steps to get it installed: Java, Eclipse and Eclipse Plug-In for Android. Then, it will cover the creation of your virtual Android machine as well as getting the tools for it. A sample program will be loaded, compiled and executed, if time allows. The presentation is under Ubuntu Linux 12.04. More detailed list of topics covered: = Preparing the development station: Hardware requirements ,32 versus 64-bits, Having your own Android hardware = Getting the tools: Java, Eclipse IDE tool, Eclipse plug-in for Android = Getting the JVM's you want, Tools from Android SDK, = Creating your virtual Android machine, testing some sample source code.

NOTE: La présentation est aussi disponible en français pour ceux et celles intéressé(e)s.

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