Linux Symposium

Paper Presentations

Suri Brahmaroutu Dell Inc.
I/O Subsystem Enhancements to Harness Solid State Storage
Aurelien Cedeyn CEA
ClusterShell, a scalable execution framework for administrative tasks
Alex Depoutovitch VMWare
File Systems: More Cooperation - Less Integration.
Steven Alan DuChene Independent Contractor
Tuning your car with Linux and Opensource
Steven Alan DuChene Independent Contractor
Using HPC systems management tools to administer high density microserver clusters
Andre Guedes INdT
Bluetooth Low Energy support on Linux
Miika K.T. Komu Aalto University
Sockets and Beyond: Assessing the Source Code of Network Applications
Geunsik Lim Samsung Electronics
Load-Balancing for Improving User Responsiveness on Multicore-based Embedded Systems
Alexandre LISSY Mandriva
Toward Clustering the Kernel
Alexandre LISSY Mandriva
CompatibleOne: The Open Source Cloud Broker
Jon C Masters Red Hat
Fedora ARM Project
Chieh Hao Tsang National Tsing Hua University
ARMvisor: System Virtualization for ARM
Divyanshu Verma Dell
Out of band Systems Management in enterprise Computing Environment
Li Wang NUDT
Optimizing eCryptfs for better performance and security
Andrei Warkentin VMware
Improving MD RAID1 synchronization using filesystem metadata
Nickolai Zeldovich  
Non-scalable locks are dangerous


Jean-Francois Messier Linux-Gatineau
Getting Android SDK on your Linux station
Peter St. Onge Information + Technology Services, University of Toronto
Identity management for the small (research, academic, business) workgroup


Alexandre LISSY Mandriva
An Open Code Quality Platform
Amar Hemant More Maharashtra Academy of Engg. Alandi
Inline Block Level Data Deduplication for EXT3 File System
Andrei Warkentin VMware
"Now if we could get a solution to the home directory dotfile hell!"

Birds Of a Feather Sessions

Spiros Boucouris Functionality Inc
The magic of Embedded Linux User Space
Russell King Deep Blue Solutions Ltd
Linux/ARM kernel BoF
Joseph Potvin The Opman Company
Open Hardware Canada (OH-Canada) - BoF Session
Joseph Sleiman  
Sugar for the Raspberry Pi
Peter St. Onge Information + Technology Services, University of Toronto
BOFS: Identity management for the small workgroup

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