Linux Symposium


Technical Merit & Diversity

The Linux Symposium committee has always based content accepted for inclusion upon the technical merit of a proposal submitted during the Call for Participation process and does not allow factors such as race, sex, country of origin, or corporate affiliation to enter into the decision making process. We consider the neutral approach taken to proposals to be key to ensuring that we hear about interesting new technology and developments regardless of origin and believe that providing a level playing field where proposals are reviewed upon their merit alone is critical to the expansion and healthy development of the Linux and Open Source Software community.

Anti-harassment Policy

The Linux Symposium is and has always been dedicated to providing a welcoming and harassment-free environment. We will not tolerate the harassment of any conference attendee, including during talks and at our organized social events. We strongly believe in the Linux and Free Software development community and that as any community we have a moral responsibility to ensure that all members are free from harassment. Any participant violating these rules will be sanctioned or expelled at the organizers discretion based on the severity of the violation.

Harassment includes any behaviour with the effect, intentional or consequential of making other attendees feel uncomfortable in the conference environment and anyone asked to stop harassing behavior will do so immediately. We do understand and acknowledge that we have attendees from all social strata and from many different countries with very different views on harassment and we will be very clear when warning attendees about harassing behaviour and notwithstanding what is acceptable at "home" attendees will follow our direction on acceptable behaviour while at the conference.

If an attendee engages in harassing behavior, the organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the conference. Anyone not taking a warning from the organizers seriously will be asked to leave the conference and will not be welcome at any future events.

If you are being harassed please contact a member of conference staff immediately at the registration desk and action will be taken to deal with your concerns in an appropriate manner.

In the cases where the harassment is in violation of the law we will assist you in contacting law enforcement as appropriate. We strongly believe in the law and will endeavour to provide assistance to the best of our ability.

We greatly value your attendance and wish to ensure that nobody feels unduly uncomfortable attending our conference.

This policy is based on several other policies, including the Ohio LinuxFest anti-harassment policy.

Payment & Refunds

Under Construction

Family Participation

We believe strongly in family and will do our best to make our social events open to partners of attendees and when appropriate/possible to well behaved children as well. We will do our best to label any event as "Family Friendly" and to suggest activities around the event site that might be of interest to partners and children during the event.

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