Linux Symposium

Since 1999 the Linux Symposium has always tried to provide a comfortable collaboration environment for technical people working on all aspects of the Linux Project. We have done our best to provide a vendor neutral academic-style conference where developers, administrators, and users all feel at ease and are able to work together towards a common goal.

The goal of the Linux Symposium is to bring together Linux developers, enthusiasts, and systems administrators to improving communication, strengthen the personal connections within the Linux Community and to promote the open and free dissemination of new ideas.

Annually our attendees represent over 30 countries and the Symposium strives to be one of best internationally represented Linux events with content coming from all corners of the vast and incredibly diverse Linux and Open Source Software community.

Our past keynote speakers have included many core members of the Linux development community including; Alan Cox, David S. Miller, Miguel de Icaza, Ted Ts'o, Stephen Tweedie, Paul "Rusty" Russell, Andrew Morton, David Jones, Greg Kroah- Hartman, James Bottomley, Werner Almesberger, Mark Shuttleworth, Keith Bergelt, Dirk Hohndel, Tim Riker, and Jon "Maddog" Hall.

Call for Sponsors

Call for Participation

Our CFP is now open and the deadline for submitting a proposal for a paper presentation, BoFS, Tutorial, and Lightning Talk is August 20th, 2013.


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