Linux Symposium

Aditya Gadre

Presenters : Team a2k2 Name 1: Aditya Gadre - Name 2: Kaustubh Kabra - Name 3: Keshav Darak - Name 4: Ashwin Vasani -

We are four students studying in final year at Pune Institue of Computer Technology. We have designed and implemented the idea "X-XEN : HUGE PAGE SUPPORT IN XEN" as our final year project.

Also , our achievements are- -3rd in TECHKRITI,IIT-KANPUR paper presentation -1st in TESLA, MITCOE project exhibition(systems domain) -1st in TESLA, MITCOE paper presentation -1st in EXCELSIOR, Sinhgad COE paper presentation -1st in TESLA,MITCOE poster presentation -1st in BHARTEEYAM, BVU, PUNE project competition -2nd in BHARTEEYAM, BVU, PUNE paper presentation

We have also applied for CONVERGENCE-11 , an IIT Bombay cloud computing symposium and also for IEEE ICCSIT 2011

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