Linux Symposium

Pascal Charest

Pascal Charest is a cutting-edge technology consultant working for Les Laboratoires Phoenix. He is based in Canada, Montreal.

He is currently working with clients from all around the world, designing & deploying redundant and scalable service solutions. Through his functions, he work with a very wide arrays of technologies and infrastructures - ranging from open source & free software (to name a few: haproxy, puppet, glusterfs, lustre, zabbix) to closed source/proprietary appliances (f5 load balancer, Cisco devices, checkpoint firewall, baracuda anti-spam applicance, ...).

In addition to work on "extended web stack" (GNU/Linux, {Apache, NGINX}, {MySQL, Oracle}, {php, java, ruby}, some of his past contracts include management of hundreds of 'in-public-cloud' servers, of vmware virtualization migration (private cloud).

He is also known for technical papers, mainly on SAN technologies (such as AoE & iSCSI) and on-demand/utility computing, published in Europe.

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