Linux Symposium

Robin Getz

Robin Getz has been involved with open source development for the better part of 10 years, making contributions to the Linux kernel, GNU binutils, GNU simulator, qemu, and various other open source applications.

Mike Frysinger has been a contributor and maintainer of many open source projects, including (but not limited to) uClibc, BusyBox, uClinux-dist, nbd, Efreet, Ewl, Epeg, SQLite, Expedite, Embryo, GDB, Entrance, GNU binutils, Enlightenment (e16), Gentoo Linux, Enlightenment (e17), Linux Test Project, Ecore, Eet, Edje, ETK, Evas, Buildroot, Emotion, UrJTAG, Imlib2, Cygwin, pax-utils, OpenRC, Rage, gentoo portage, pkgcore, funzix, Metalog, Busybox-w32, freestdf, etch animation library, Enesim, gdbproxy, genext2fs, linux-wbfs-manager, ncompress, pcalc, Netcat, Cable OBEX, OpenInkpot. and more.

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