Linux Symposium

Open Source IPTV-analyzer based on Netfilter

Jesper Dangaard Brouer

As IPTV/MPEG2-TS analyzer equipment is very expensive, we developed our own. The effort of this work has resulted in two concrete contributions. 1) Extensions to Wireshark, which now can show and detect packet drops in MPEG2 Transport Streams. 2) A Netfilter/iptables kernel module "mpeg2ts" for realtime detection of MPEG2 TS drops and burstiness. The need for scalability, has resulted in a highly efficient netfilter/ iptables module "mpeg2ts" that can handles 600Mbit/s multicast streams with a 2% CPU load and parallel processing on all cores, on a ATOM based CPU. I want to use the BOFS to meet up with people, who would be interested in using the IPTV analyzer software, in-order to startup a community. See:

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