Linux Symposium

Paper Presentations

Sergey Blagodurov Simon Fraser University
User-level scheduling on NUMA multicore systems under Linux
Colin Charles Monty Program Ab
MariaDB: The New M in LAMP
Colin Charles Monty Program Ab
The MySQL Storage Engines Landscape
Aditya Gadre Pune Institute of Computer Technology
X-Xen - Hugepage Support in Xen Hypervisor
Robin Getz Analog Devices
Why simulation sucks
Francis Giraldeau Polytechnique de Montréal
Extracting system metrics from kernel trace
Dave Jones Red Hat
Trinity: A system call fuzzer
Geunsik Lim Samsung Electronics
NPTL Optimization for Lightweight Embedded Devices
Alexandre LISSY Mandriva
Verifications around the Linux Kernel
Alexandre LISSY Mandriva
Faults in Patched Kernel
Jon C Masters Red Hat
State of the kernel
Hitoshi Mitake Waseda University
Towards co-existing of Linux and real-time OSes
Frank Mueller NCSU
Comparing different approaches for Incremental Checkpointing: The Showdown
Alexander Shirshikov Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Light Weight DynInst Engine for Embedded Systems
Kuniyasu Suzaki AIST, Information Security Research Center
Analyze Disk Access Pattern of File Systems for Content Addressable Storage
Chris Tyler Seneca College
Adventures Building Fedora-ARM
Geoffroy Vallee Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Management of virtual large-scale high-performance computing systems


Toshaan Bharvani VanTosh bvba
sVirt : Virtual SELinux with KVM
Mark Brown  
Core Dump Analysis
Pascal Charest Les Laboratoires Phoenix
dev/ops - Managing 200+ servers
Andrew Clunis Openera
JavaScript beyond the Web: an Introduction to Node.js
Tim Riker
Android Development
Ian Ward Generic Consulting
Python 3: The Argument Sketch

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