Linux Symposium

The goal of the Linux Symposium is to bring together Linux developers, enthusiasts, and systems administrators to improving communication, strengthen the personal connections within the Linux Community and to promote the open and free dissemination of new ideas. We see our community as the most diverse group ever to collaborate on a single project and we are very proud to have played our part for the last 13 years.

Annually our attendees represent over 30 countries and the Symposium strives to be one of best internationally represented Linux events with content coming from all corners of the vast and incredibly diverse Linux and Open Source Software community.

Our past keynote speakers have included many core members of the Linux development community including; Alan Cox, David S. Miller, Miguel de Icaza, Ted Ts'o, Stephen Tweedie, Paul "Rusty" Russell, Andrew Morton, David Jones, Greg Kroah- Hartman, James Bottomley, Werner Almesberger, Mark Shuttleworth, Keith Bergelt, Dirk Hohndel, Tim Riker, and this year we welcome Jon "Maddog" Hall to join this exclusive group.

Our Keynote for 2011 is Jon "Maddog" Hall

Few people embody the spirit of the "Linux Community" more than Maddog, always passionate and there since the very beginning where would we be today if not for his relentless lobby of corporations to help educate them on the advantages of Open and Free software in the early years?

Since the early years many things have changed, some good, some bad, and as always Maddog will have a unique perspective to share!

The "Definitive" Kernel Update presented by Jon C. Masters

It has become tradition to open the Symposium with a comprehensive update of the current state of development of the Linux Kernel and how the events and contributions over the last 12 months have shaped and changed the State of the Kernel. These presentations were first done by Jon Corbett from and this year will be done by Jon C. Masters.

Jon is the author of Professional Linux Development, co-author of Building Embedded Linux Systems, contributor to Linux User & Developer, Linux Magazine, the producer of the Kernel Podcast, mountain explorer, and Americanophile.

More About The Symposium

Our content submission process is and always will be open to all allowing anyone working on something of interest to submit and we do not require presenters to be members of any consortium, organization, or work for any specific company to have their proposals considered on a fair and level basis.

Our review committee accept proposals purely on the basis of technological merit and the level of community interest in the topic. It has always been our mission to ensure that those with good ideas are given a platform to be heard regardless of their culture, education, or corporate affiliation and we believe any this has led to many new and interesting ideas that might otherwise not have been heard.

Social Media & The Linux Symposium

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From May 16th-20th we have a raffle open to win your admission at the heavily discounted student rate and if you're a student to win a 2nd pass so you can bring along a friend!

To enter all you need to do is create an account on the Registration page and look at the Special Offers section at the top of your status page for more details!

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