Linux Symposium

July 13th-16th, 2010
Ottawa Westin
Ottawa, Canada

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Ankita Garg

Ankita Garg is a kernel developer at LTC (Linux Technology Center), IBM, India Software Labs. Ankita has been involved in the Linux kernel for about four years now. She is presently working on enhancing memory instrumentation infrastructure in the kernel. In the past, she has worked in the areas of RAS and Real-Time Linux kernel. Ankita joined IBM as a fresh college graduate from P.E.S.I.T, Bangalore.

Balbir Singh is a kernel developer at LTC (Linux Technology Center), IBM, India Software Labs. He has keen interest in the kernel and has spent a long time in the industry working on several architectures and kernel programming. Balbir has been invited to the kernel summit twice and is a maintainer of some Linux subsystems. Balbir is a university rank holder and has keen interest in MMIX.

Vaidyanathan Srinivasan is a Linux kernel developer at IBM India Linux Technology Center and works on improving energy efficiency of Linux on enterprise class servers. He has been involved in power aware scheduler and other platform enablements for effective cpu power management.

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