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July 13th-16th, 2010
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Mobile Simplified Security Framework

Dmitry Kasatkin (

Linux kernel has already several security frameworks such SELinux,     
AppArmor, Tomoyo and Smack. After some studies we found out that   
they are not very suitable for mobile consumer devices such as  
mobile phones. They either require too complicated administration or   
do not really provide any security API, which can be used by           
applications providing services to verify credentials of their
clients, and then decide if a particular client can access the
provided service or not.

In this paper we present a new platform security framework developed
by the Maemo security team specifically for mobile devices. The key
subsystem of the Mobile Simplified Security Framework is the Access Control
framework, which is used to bind privileges (resource tokens) to the
application when the application is starting. Using a special API,
different entities are able to verify possession of those resource
tokens and allow/disallow access to protected resources. If any of
the applications require an access to protected resources,
a Manifest file with the credential request should be included in the
package providing the application. The Manifest file is also
used to declare new credentials, which are provided by an application
coming from the package.

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