Linux Symposium

July 13th-16th, 2010
Ottawa Westin
Ottawa, Canada

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2010 Linux Symposium Schedule

Monday July 12th

15h00 - 21h00Sign in Desk Open

Tuesday July 13th, Free Day (advance registration required)

08h00Sign in Open
09h00 State of the Kernel
Jon C Masters
11h00 Consistently Codifying Your Code: Taking Software Development to the Next
Keith Bergelt
VirtFS - A virtualization aware File System pass-through.
Venkateswararao Jujjuri
13h00 Open Source Governance: An Approach.
Art Cannon
User space storage system stack modules with file level control
Rohit Kumar Mehta
14h00 The limits of open source. Avoid the ipo(a)ds ahead...
Christoph H. Lameter
Taking Linux Filesystems to the Space Age: Space Maps in Ext4
Saurabh Arun Kadekodi
15h00 Impediments to institutional adoption of Free/Open Source Software
Peter St. Onge
CPU Bandwidth control for CFS
Paul J. Turner
16h00 - 18h00 Linux Administration - Key Services To Upgrade Your Home / Office Network
Jeff Green
What!? Not using Git yet?
Bart Trojanowski
Legend Tutorials Paper Presentation Birds of a Feather Summit Keynote

Wednesday July 14th

09h00 Unprivileged login daemons in Linux
Jonathan T Beard
Boosting up Embedded Linux device: experience on Linux-based Smartphone
Kunhoon Baik
10h00 The advantages of a Kernel Sub-Maintainer
Jeff Kirsher
UBI with logging
Rohit Vijay Dongre
11h00 Mobile Simplified Security Framework
Dmitry Kasatkin
Linux-CR: Transparent Application Checkpoint-Restart in Linux
Oren Laadan
13h00 expect-lite: Automation for the rest of us by Craig Miller
Craig Miller
Database on Linux in a virtualized environments over NFS
Bikash Roy Choudhury
14h00 Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Framework for CE Devices
Alexey Gerenkov
Developing Out-of-Tree Drivers alongside In-Kernel Drivers
Jesse Brandeburg
15h00 BOF
John Hawley
Kerrighed BOF
Louis Rilling
16h00 - 18h00 How to implement KVM with other guest systems.
Toshaan Bharvani
Using OpenVZ Linux containers
Kir Kolyshkin
Legend Tutorials Paper Presentation Birds of a Feather Summit Keynote

Thursday July 15th

Lightning Talks
Virtualization for Aggregation Scaling up with scale out hardware
Shai Fultheim
Benchmarking Linux Distributions
Randy Appleton
Comparing the Speed of Windows and Linux
Randy Appleton
Monitoring scheduling in a Kerrighed cluster
Alexandre LISSY
Let go of your widgets! Image based embedded user interfaces
Thomas Fletcher
10h00 Page/slab cache control in a virtualized environment
Balbir Singh
World Domination and Control, over USB
Mark Lord
11h00 Deploying Preemptible Linux in the Latest Samsung Camcorder
Geunsik Lim
World Domination and Control, over USB
Mark Lord
12h00Lunch Break
13h00 TwinLinux:Running different Kernels on separate cores of a multicore system
Swapnil Arvind Pimpale
The Virtual Contiguous Memory Manager
Zach Pfeffer
14h00 Prediction of Optimal Readahead Parameter in Linux by Using Monitoring Tool
Sergey Grekhov
Transactional system calls on Linux
Donald Porter
15h00 Linux on Mobile Devices - BOF
Tim Riker
Current state of Linux wired networking
Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr.
16h00 - 18h00 Using trace-cmd to trace the kernel with Ftrace
Steven Rostedt
Multilayer web application security: from SELinux to ModSecurity
Konstantin Ryabitsev
Legend Tutorials Paper Presentation Birds of a Feather Summit Keynote

Friday July 16th

10h00 Meego security BOF
Janne Karhunen
State of Gentoo BoF
Robin H Johnson
11h00 Implementing advanced access control security model on Linux
Greg Banks
Beyond the Base
Toshaan Bharvani
12h00 Linux kernel support to exploit phase change memory
Youngwoo Park
Christoffer Dall
13h00Lunch Break
14h00 Scaling Beyond 10 Gigabit Networking
Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr.
DataCenter Networking: Automating Virtual Machine Network Profiles
Vivek Kashyap
15h00 Optimizing processes on multiicore for speed and latency
Christoph H. Lameter
Looking Inside Memory - Tooling for tracing memory reference patterns
Ankita Garg
16h30 Android - The Bait and Switch OS
Tim Riker
Legend Tutorials Paper Presentation Birds of a Feather Summit Keynote

Saturday July 17th

11h00 Hacker Bike Ride
Richard Guy Briggs