Linux Symposium

July 13th-16th, 2010
Ottawa Westin
Ottawa, Canada

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Paper Submission

Download the 2009 Linux Symposium Template here

For any and all questions related to submissions please email ols-sponsors. That is at

To submit your paper please follow the steps outlined at:

We also ask that you read through the following "Tips & Tricks" that will help you ensure your paper is properly formatted. It will save a lot of time if your paper is submitted correctly the first time.

Tips for Authors

  • Get the Templates, and read the README.pdf in it, preferably with EXAMPLE/myPaper.tex onscreen as well. It can really help
  • Use the macros we provide, they'll save you time and trouble. And isn't it easier to type \ident{without_extra_escapes} than \texttt{with\_extra\_escapes}, anyway? \url and \code also come in handy. They're all covered in the README.pdf.
  • Use a Linux system, especially if you have a lot of figures. Converting proprietary graphics formats isn't fun for anyone. Remember to use structured graphics; bitmaps are not acceptable, except for photographs or screenshots.
  • Use SVN. Mailing tarballs and patches around is slow and awkward.
  • Ensure that your paper builds correctly. If your directory is
       make DIRS=itsme
    must generate your paper before it can be accepted
  • Have a question? Feel free to ask, especially if you're going to use the answer repeatedly. Better to use the best approach the first time around and save your editing time for perfecting the text.
  • This page needs significant work and we will be adding a lot of details between now and March 1st.

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