Linux Symposium

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Linux Symposium?

The Linux Symposium is a Linux developers conference that takes place every year in Canada. The main focus of the event is the Linux kernel and the technologies closely related to the kernel. There is no trade show floor at the Symposium and very little overt marketing presence.

I am not a kernel hacker, will I be out of place?

While the general focus of the event is the Linux Kernel all you need to take advantage of the event is a strong interest in Operating Systems technology and development. Yes many of our attendees are kernel hackers; but many are just Linux enthusiasts; software developers, and system administrators.

Is there an announcement mailing list?

Sort of! We used to operate a separate mailing list for announcements but as of this year we have deprecated the list in favour of sending out notifications to everyone who has a registration account in the system. You may choose not to receive email announcements by logging into your account and setting it to no mail.

I am in high-school, does the student rate still apply?

Yes. All we ask of students is that they bring a valid student ID from a government sanctioned educational institution when they come to pick up their event registration package (badge, etc).

I'm coming alone and would like to share the cost of hotel, is there any way to help coordinate this?

Yes, you can email info AT and we'll help you find some other people in the same situation. Sharing is a great way to keep costs low.

How much does it cost?

We have a Costs Page to explain the costs.

I think this is a great event and my company would like to become a sponsor, how can we do that?

We are always happy to speak to prospective sponsors and you can email us at info AT and we will get right back to you with details.

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