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GStreamer on Texas Instruments OMAP35x Processors

Don Darling (

The Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP35x applications processors are targeted for embedded applications that need laptop-like performance with low power requirements. Combined with hardware accelerators for multimedia encoding and decoding, the OMAP35x is ideal for handheld multimedia devices. For OMAP35x processors that have both an ARM(R) and a digital signal processor (DSP), TI has created a GStreamer plugin that enables the use of the DSP and hardware accelerators for encode and decode operations while leveraging open source elements to provide common functionality such as AVI stream demuxing.

Often in the embedded applications space there are fewer computation and memory resources available than in a typical desktop system. On ARM+DSP systems, the DSP can be used for CPU-intensive tasks such as audio and video decoding to reduce the number of cycles consumed on the ARM processor. Likewise, additional hardware accelerators such as DMA engines can be used to move data without consuming ARM cycles. This leaves the ARM available to handle other operations such as running a web browser or media player, and thus provides a more feature-rich system. This paper covers the design of the TI GStreamer plugin, considerations for using GStreamer in an embedded environment, and the community project model used in ongoing development.

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