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Online Hierarchical Storage Manager (OHSM) for LINUX

Greg A Freemyer (

Intel, Sandisk and Samsung are investing billions of dollars into SSD technology and manufacturing capacity. Unfortunately due to the extreme cost of building the manufacturing facilities, SSD manufacturing capacity is not likely to exceed HDD manufacturing capability for at least 10 years, and it may be 20 years or more. Most data center applications heavily lean toward database applications which use random read/write disk activity. For random read/write activity the performance of SSDs is 10x to 100x that of a single rotational disk. Unfortunately, the cost is also 10x to 100x that of a single rotational disk.

Due to the limited manufacturing capability of SSD, most applications are going to remain on rotational disk for the foreseeable future. We have developed OHSM to allow SSD and traditional HDD (including RAID) to be seamlessly merged into a single operational environment thus leveraging SSD while using only a modest amount of SSD capacity.

In an OHSM enabled environment, data is migrated to and from the high performing SSD storage to traditional storage based on various user defined policies. Thus if widely deployed, OHSM has the ability to improve computer performance in a significant way without a commiserate increase in cost. OHSM being developed as open source software also abolishes the licensing issues and the costs involved in using storage solution software. OHSM being online signifies the complete abolishment of the downtime and any changes to the existing namespace.

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