Linux Symposium, July 13th - 17th, 2009, Montreal, Canada
Centre Mont-Royal
Montreal, Canada
July 13-17, 2009

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Community Travel Assistance Fund

We have established a Community Travel Assistance Fund to help those who should be at the Symposium but for reasons related to funding cannot attend without help. The Feedback on establishing this fund has been very positive from the people currently registered to attend and we hope to be able to move quickly. We will also be contributing 20CAD from each copy of the proceedings we pre-sell or mail-order.


I have opened a Paypal account for travel funding transfers and payments (this seems to be the best way to send money internationally without long delays). Contributions towards travel funding would be sent to via Paypal preferably as a 'Gift'.

Any amount would be accepted with a recommended amount of 25-50CAD for individuals and 100CAD+ for corporations. (With special recognition for any major contributions, this could be an alternative to full sponsorship for some organizations)


  • Fund will be sent via Paypal to those who have been accepted after they arrive at the event venue and check-in. This is to reduce the potential for fraud and abuse.

  • The names and total amount of contributions will be listed on the website on this page and contributions are welcome from both individuals and corporations. If you wish your contribution to remain private please make a note of this when sending the payment.

  • Orders for printed copies of the proceedings via mail or on-site pickup will also be done through this account, they will be 60CAD + S&H (depending on location, none of picked up in person of course) and 20CAD of this amount will be put into the travel funding account. You can also submit these orders through the same Paypal account

  • The organizing committee will approach and seek out valued contributors who have not registered for financial reasons and work out the logistics involved in getting them to the event. We will publish the names of those receiving funding to assure transparency in the process.

  • The funds contributed will not be used to bring paper or tutorial presenters or offset presenter costs for the event, these amounts come from general sponsorship and registration revenue.

  • Any funds remaining in the account when the event starts will be retained to start a student attendance scholarship fund for 2010 to be administered by the organizing committee.

  • The organizing committee will have the final say on allocation of funds to worthwhile individuals but anyone can apply at and please include details like your location and the projects you contribute to on a regular basis.

  • Only those who would not otherwise be able to attend are eligible for this support.

  • If this works well it will be converted to a separate not for profit organization for future years.

  • Contributors

    We would like to thank those who have contributed and encourage everyone (even if you cannot make it to the event) to do the same, even in a very small amount it will add up and make a real difference for someone.

    Art Cannon100USD
    Scott Murray100CAD
    Jim Houston100CAD
    Andrew J. Hutton100CAD
    Trent Jarvi100CAD
    Mark Rustad60CAD
    Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr50USD
    Michael Smith50CAD
    Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre50CAD
    Alan Robertson40CAD
    Robin Johnson25USD

    Those who pre-order proceedings will have a 20CAD contribution added to this list as well

    This page is currently still a DRAFT and many have minor alterations but the spirit of the project will remain

    Major Sponsors
    Minor Sponsors
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