Linux Symposium, July 13th - 17th, 2009, Montreal, Canada
Centre Mont-Royal
Montreal, Canada
July 13-17, 2009

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Paper Presentations

John Admanski Google Inc.
Autotest - testing the untestable
Andrea Arcangeli Red Hat
Increasing memory density using KSM
Jason Baron Red Hat
Dynamic Debug
Tim Bird Sony and CE Linux Forum
Measuring Function Duration with FTrace
Len Brown Intel
The Simple Firmware Interface
Steven C Dake Red Hat, Inc.
The Corosync High Performance Shared Memory IPC Reusable C Library
Don Darling Texas Instruments, Inc.
GStreamer on Texas Instruments OMAP35x Processors
Dominic Duval Red Hat
From fast to predictably fast
Pierre-Marc Fournier Ecole Polytechnique Montreal
Combined Tracing of the Kernel and Applications with LTTng
Greg A Freemyer Norcross Group
Online Hierarchical Storage Manager (OHSM) for LINUX
Robert Gardner Hewlett Packard
20 Years Later: Still Improving the Correctness of an NFS Server
Brice Goglin INRIA
Memory Migration on Next-Touch
Francois-Denis Gonthier Kryptiva
Non Privileged User Package Management: Use Cases, Issues, Proposed Solutions
John Hawley Linux Foundation
GeoDNS - Geographically-aware, protocol agnostic, load-balancing at the DNS level
Neil Horman Red Hat
Porting to Linux the Right way: Migrating data between kernel and user space
Sungho Kim Hitachi, Ltd., Systems Development Laboratory
Tracing the HA cluster of guests with VESPER(Virtual Embraced Space ProbER)
Prasad Krishnan IBM
Hardware Breakpoint (or watchpoint) usage in Linux Kernel
Christoph H. Lameter Linux Foundation
Shoot first and stop the OS noise! Or dealing with microsecond latency requirements
Michael Leibowitz Intel Corporation
Sandboxer: Light-Weight Application Isolation in Mobile Internet Devices
Breno Henrique Leitao IBM
Tuning 10Gb network cards on Linux
John W. Linville Red Hat
A day in the life of a Linux kernel hacker...
Dan Magenheimer Oracle Corp
Transcendent Memory: A new approach to managing RAM in a virtualized environment
John Mehnert-Spahn  
Incremental Checkpointing for Grids
Subrata Modak IBM INDIA PVT. LTD.
Putting LTP to test - Validating both the Linux kernel and test-cases
Lucas Nussbaum LIP
Linux-based virtualization for HPC clusters
Martin K. Petersen Oracle
I/O Topology: Getting to know your storage
Leandro Melo Sales Embedded Systems and Pervasive Computing Lab
Step two in DCCP adoption: The Libraries
Alexandre Sidorenko Hewlett-Packard
Programmatic Kernel Dump Analysis On Linux
Kuniyasu Suzaki AIST, Information Security Research Center
Effect of readahead and file system block reallocation for LBCAS (LoopBack Content Addressable Storage)
Srivatsa Vaddagiri IBM
Scaling software on multi-core through co-scheduling of related tasks
Peter P. Waskiewicz Jr. Intel
Converged Networking in the Data Center
Ric Wheeler Red Hat
How to (Not) Lose Your Data: Linux as a Reliable Storage Platform
Steven John Whitehouse Red Hat UK Ltd
Testing and verification of cluster filesystems
Rafael J. Wysocki University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics
Fixing PCI suspend and resume
Hobin Yoon Samsung Electronics
Real-Time Performance Analysis in Linux-Based Robotic Systems

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