Mini Summits

On the day before the Linux Symposium we are pleased to be hosting several Mini Summits. You must register for each Mini Summit individually, but in order to attend you will be required to be registered for the 2008 Linux Symposium. To register, please contact the appropriate Mini Summit moderator via their website link.

SELinux Developers'

Tuesday, July 22nd - Novotel Hotel (Albion A Room)

A one day summit intended to provide a forum for focused technical discussion regarding current and future development plans for SELinux. The intended audience will consist of current SELinux developers, system/security administrators, distribution organizers/packagers, and power users. The format will be a mix of presentations and moderated discussion, including a panel where attendees will be invited to submit questions and feedback.

This year's presentations and discussions will be divided into two categories: usability and infrastructure. General usability of SELinux systems has consistently improved but, with increasingly wide adoption of SELinux, also become ever more important. Usability topics we plan on addressing include policy development, administration of SELinux enabled systems, and desktop integration including X11. The core infrastructure topics include embedded systems, label translation, userspace object managers, network filesystems, and labeled networking.


Paul Moore, Serge Hallyn, James Morris, Chad Sellers, Stephen Smalley

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Additional Information:
selinux-summit-team AT namei DOT org


Kernel Containers Developers'

Tuesday, July 22nd - Novotel Hotel (Albion B Room)

Development for namespaces and cgroups is well underway in the mainline kernel. To keep momentum going and keep the loosely knit teams of developers well-coordinated, a physical meeting in which to discuss future development plans is needed. Additionally, we are at a point where crucial decisions about the nature of a "container object" and about the checkpoint/restart design need to be made.

A final set of topics will be decided upon through mailing lists ahead of time, but potential topics include:

  • Handling filesystem/namespace synchronization
  • Handling of /proc and /sysfs within containers
  • Additional needed namespaces (i.e. device namespace)
  • Nature of a 'container' -- kernel object or userspace fiction
  • Cgroup implementation
  • Additional cgroups and their design
  • Resource management
  • How to initiate and synchronize checkpoint/restart
  • How to enter a 'container'


    Serge Hallyn, Cedric Le Goater, Paul Menage, Balbir Singh, Dave Hansen

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    Linux Power Management

    Tuesday, July 22nd - Les Suites Hotel (Rideau Suite Room)

    The Linux power management mini-summit is an opportunity for Linux developers focused on power to meet face to face to discuss our challenges and how we shall meet them.

    The format is round-table to support a single discussion. Presentations are permitted to help guide discussion. There will be no recording or audio bridge, however written minutes will be published on for the benefit of those unable to attend.

    Attendance is limited to 20 attendees.


    Len Brown

    Additional Information:

    If you would like to attend, please send a note to to: lenb AT kernel DOT org cc: linux-pm AT lists.linux-foundation DOT org describing what you'd like to discuss.


    Virtualization Technology and Management (Sponsored by HP)

    Tuesday, July 22nd - Les Suites Hotel (Garden Suite Room)

    The intent of this Mini Summit is to provide a forum for attendees to explore all aspects of virtualization. Whether that be the underlying technology, application of the technology in their environment or new tools for managing and doing interesting and new things with virtualized servers.

    Attendees can range from those developing virtualization technologies, using virtualization, managing virtualized environments to wanting to learn more about virtualization.

    A final set of topics will be decided upon through mailing lists ahead of time, but potential topics include:

  • Review and/or provide deep insight into the fundamentals of specific virtualization technologies
  • Exploration of project development opportunities
  • Discussion of ideas to improve virtualization technologies
  • How virtualized environments can be made manageable
  • What's worked and what has not worked
  • New and emergies ideas


    Aland Adams

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    Linux Wireless LAN (802.11)

    Tuesday, July 22nd - Les Suites Hotel (Byward Suite Room)

    This would be the third Linux Wireless Summit. Topics would include upcoming mac80211 functionality (e.g. 802.11s mesh, 802.11n, AP-mode support), cfg80211 wireless configuration API, driver development, industry outreach/cooperation, etc.

    We will have a broad range of participation from distros, hardware vendors, and individual contributors.


    John W. Linville

    Additional Information: