July 21-24th, 2004, Ottawa, Canada


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Symposium Schedule

Tuesday July 20th, 2004

14h00-18h20Sign in Desk Open
19h00-02h00 Pub Night at Patty Bolands, 101 Clarence Street in the Byward Market. This is not a sponsored event.

Wednesday July 21st, 2004

TimeRoom ARoom BRoom CRoom D
08h30-12h00Sign in Desk Open
10h00-11h00 Where 2.7 is going
Jonathan Corbet
Cooperative Linux
Dan Aloni
TCP Connection Passing
Werner Almesberger
Tutorial: Stream Control Transmission Protocol
Randall R Stewart
11h15-12h15 Linux Block IO - present and future
Jens Axboe
Build your own Embedded Linux Wireless Access Point
Erik Andersen
NFSv4 and rpcsec_gss for linux
J. Bruce Fields
Tutorial: Stream Control Transmission Protocol (part 2)
Randall R Stewart
13h15-14h15 Linux AIO Performance and Robustness for Enterprise Workloads
Suparna Bhattacharya
Getting X off the hardware
Keith Packard
TCPfying the Poor Cousins
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
Tutorial: Stream Control Transmission Protocol (part 3)
Randall R Stewart
14h30-15h30 Improving Kernel Performance by Unmapping the Page Cache
James Bottomley
Methods to Improve Bootup Time in Linux
Tim R Bird
e100 weight reduction program
Chris Leech
Tutorial: Learning to use OpenPGP, GnuPG and the Web of Trust
Dan York
15h45-16h45 Dynamic Kernel Module Support: From Theory to Practice
Matt Domsch
ACPI -- Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface
Len Brown
IPv6 IPsec and Mobile IPv6 implementation of Linux
Kazunori Miyazawa
BOFS: Linux Scalability Effort
Hanna Linder
17h00-18h00 BOFS: Kernel 2.7 wishlist/framework for multi pathed I/O
Stefan Bader
BOFS: CE Linux Forum Intro
Tim R Bird
BOFS: Hardware error reporting, error handling and debugging
Robert Hentosh
BOFS: Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments (GOSLING)
Russell McOrmond
18h00-20h00Dinner Break
20h00-23h00 Linux Symposium Welcome Reception Sponsored by Advanced Micro Devices, featuring guest speaker Jim Munroe. Munroe is the author of the novels Everyone In Silico and Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask (free e-book versions here and here) and was formerly a managing editor at Adbusters. This is a sponsored event, beverages and snack foods will be provided.

Thursday July 22nd, 2004

TimeRoom ARoom BRoom CRoom D
10h00-11h00 Get More Device Drivers out of the Kernel!
Peter Chubb
Scaling Linux to the Extreme
Ray Bryant
Improving Linux resource control using CKRM
Rik van Riel
Tutorial: Userspace filesystems with FUSE
Michael Still
11h15-12h15 2.6 kernel for big servers compared to 2.4
Wim A Coekaerts
The (Re)Architecture of the X Window System
James Gettys
Linux Virtualization
Chris Wright
Tutorial: Userspace filesystems with FUSE (part 2)
Michael Still
13h15-14h15 Linux Virtualization on IBM Power5 Systems
Dave Boutcher
Towards Linux-based Open Telecom Platforms
Ibrahim Haddad
Perl 6
Damian Conway
Tutorial: Automated testing methods, past and future
cliff white
14h30-15h30 Linux Kernel Hotplug CPU Support
Rusty Russell
Demands, Solutions, and Improvements for Linux Filesystem Security
Michael Austin Halcrow
Object-based reverse mapping
Dave McCracken
Tutorial: Using the new API's in 2.6
William Lee Irwin
15h30-15h45 Break
15h45-16h45 Hotplug Memory and the Linux VM
Dave Hansen
The Cursor Wiggles Faster: Measuring Scheduler Performance
Rick Lindsley
ia64-linux perf tools for IO dorks
Grant Grundler
Tutorial: Using the new API's in 2.6 (part 2)
William Lee Irwin
16h45-18h45Dinner Break
18h45-19h45 BOFS: HotPlug Memory
Mike Kravetz
BOFS: Linux on the Laptop
James Ketrenos
Linux on a Digital Camera
Alain Volmat
BOFS: First Failure Data Capture Using Crash Dumps
Hariprasad Nellitheertha
20h00-21h00 BOFS: Linux CPU Hotplug - Discussion on open Issues/Large system requirements
Ashok Raj
BOFS: ISO Linux Standardization
George Staikos
BOFS: NSA Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
Stephen Smalley
BOFS: How to help penguin get up quickly after a fall?
Vara Prasad

Friday July 23rd, 2004

TimeRoom ARoom BRoom CRoom D
10h00-11h00 Comparing and Evaluating epoll(), select(), and poll()
Louay Gammo
On a Kernel Events Layer and User-space Message Bus System
Robert Love
Page-Flip Technology for use within the Linux Networking Stack
John A Ronciak
Tutorial: Linux Kernel Scalability: Using the Right Tool for the Job
Paul E McKenney
11h15-12h15 kobjects and krefs - lockless reference counting for kernel structures
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Linux-tiny and directions for small systems
Matt Mackall
ct_sync - state replication of ip_conntrack
Harald Marc Welte
Tutorial: Linux Kernel Scalability: Using the Right Tool for the Job (part 2)
Paul E McKenney
13h15-14h15 Linux 2.6 performance improvement through readahead optimization
Ram Pai
Xen and the Art of Open Source Virtualization
Ian Pratt
"On-demand" Linux in a Power-aware Microsensor
Carl D. Worth
Tutorial: Maintaining lots of apt-get capable linux machines with apt and getupdates
14h30-15h30 Workload Dependant Performance Evaluation of the 2.6 I/O Schedulers
Steven L. Pratt
TIPC: Providing Communication for Linux Clusters
Jon Paul Maloy
Achieving CAPP/EAL3+ Security Certification for Linux
Kittur (Doc) S Shankar
Tutorial: Maintaining lots of apt-get capable linux machines with apt and getupdates (part 2)
15h45-16h45 SMP and frequency scaling
Paul Devriendt
The world of OpenOffice
Michael Meeks
Increasing the appeal of Open Source projects
Mats Wichmann
Tutorial: Protocol Indepentent Network Programming
Hideaki Yoshifuji
16h45-18h45Dinner Break
18h45-19h45 BOFS: The Linux Standard Base
Mats Wichmann
BOFS: Linux-HA - The High-Availability Linux Project
Alan L Robertson
BOFS: Linux kernel scalability and tradeoffs
Dipankar Sarma
BOFS: Jiffies Less System
Martin Schwidefsky
20h00-21h00 BOFS: Linux InfiniBand BOF Session
Bob Woodruff
BOFS: X Window System Developments
James Gettys
BOFS: RAS: Efficient Data Transfer Mechanisms for Kernel to User space
Richard J Moore
BOFS: Linux Cluster Infrastructure
Daniel Phillips

Saturday July 24th, 2004

TimeRoom ARoom BRoom CRoom D
10h00-11h00 Issues with Selected Scalability Features of the 2.6 Kernel
Dipankar Sarma
Run-time testing of LSB Applications
Stuart Anderson
Creating Cross-Compile Friendly Software
Sam Robb
Tutorial: High-Availability Linux Tutorial(s)
Alan L Robertson
11h15-12h15 Linux on NUMA
Martin J Bligh
I would hate user space locking if it weren't that sexy...
Inaky Perez-Gonzalez
New approaches in software provisioning and system maintenance
Matthew S. Wilson
Tutorial: High-Availability Linux Tutorial(s) (part 2)
Alan L Robertson
13h15-14h15 BOFS: GPL violations BOF
Harald Marc Welte
New Features of Qt 4
Jasmin Blanchette
BOFS: Prioritized disk IO infrastructure on Linux (BOF)
Werner Almesberger
BOFS: Ham Radio Demonstrations
Hugh Blemings
14h30-15h30 BOFS: Keysigning
Matthew Wilcox
BOFS: udev
Greg Kroah-Hartman
BOFS: Linux Security BOF
Chris Wright
BOFS: netfilter/iptables development bof
Harald Marc Welte
16h00-18h00Keynote Address by Andrew Morton
18h00-20h00Dinner Break
20h00-02h00 Final Party at the Black Thorn Cafe, beverages and snacks will be provided but you will want to have dinner first.

Other Events

These are events planned by people attending the Symposium but not part of the programme. The usual disclaimers apply.
Date & Time
Sunday July 18th, 12h00-17h00 BOFS: Linux in the Wild BBQ
Kyle McMartin
Tuesday July 20th, 22h00 BOFS: Industrial Night at Zaphod Beeblebrox
Richard Guy Briggs
Sunday July 25th, 13h20-17h00 BOFS: Hacker Bike Ride
Jody McIntyre