Q. Why was OLS started?

A. In April 1999 it appeared that the grass roots Linux enthusiast conferences were vanishing. The highly commercial marketing oriented shows that were replacing them seems utterly devoid of challenging high end content. So, in a 4am fit of madness, planning for the first OLS began.

Q. I am not an uber-hacker, will I be out of place?

A. Many of our attendees are kernel hackers; but the event is for all active Linux enthusiasts; hackers, and system administrators.

Q. How big is it?

A. The best answer is; just the right size. The main objective of the Symposium is to bring together active participants in the Linux community and to promote open discussion. We feel that by keeping the number around 500 in total this objective is best served.

Q. Is there a mailing list?

A. Yes, you subscribe HERE.

Q. I am in high-school, does the student rate still apply?

A. Yes.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We stage the pricing to encourage people to register early. Before May 30th the general registration is 325.00 CAD and the student registration is 199.00 CAD. On or after May 30th the general registration is 500.00 CAD and student is 250.00 CAD up until July 10th when all registration becomes 750.00 CAD. We strongly suggest that you register as early as possible, it is cheaper for you and helps us plan the event.

Q. Where do I mail the cheque?

A.While we prefer payment by Credit Card our address is Linux Symposium
55 Byward Market
2nd floor
Ottawa, ON K1N 9C3

Q. I am considering bringing my non-technical spouse, is there much for them to do?

A. It is our custom to issue guest passes to visiting spouses if they're only dropping in to see you while you're at the event. The Symposium is right in the heart of the Ottawa tourist area with many museums, galleries, and other organized tours and ample shopping and dining within several minutes walk.

Q. What is the legal drinking age in Canada?

A. In Ontario (the provice that Ottawa is in) the legal drinking age is 19.