2004 Linux Symposium - Call for Papers

July 21-24th, 2004, Ottawa, Canada


The Linux Symposium is a software development conference addressing the core technologies of and surrounding the Linux operating system kernel.

We invite you to submit a proposal to present a technical paper, a tutorial, or to host a meeting during the Symposium. Submissions must have a strong technical bias, submissions of a marketing nature are inappropriate for this event.




Proposals are short one paragraph summaries of why you believe that your paper topic is relevant, interesting, and should be accepted for this conference.

Review Process

Paper proposals will be reviewed by the Review Committee and accepted or rejected based on various criteria. The author will be notified by email of the acceptance or rejection of their proposal.



Presentations will typically be 60 minutes in length including time for questions. If you feel you will need more time please include this in your proposal.


An XGA (1024x786) LCD projector will be available to display output from a laptop computer. If you will require additional AV equipment please specify this in your proposal.



Papers must be formatted using the Provided LaTeX Template (To be posted here shortly)


Final papers must be submitted by email to papers at linuxsymposium.org in a compressed tarball format containing all the templates, images, and scripts required.


If you require assistance using the provided LaTeX templates please allow for a minimum of 2 weeks lead time prior to any published deadline. You may email questions to papers at linuxsymposium.org for assistance.

Publication Rights

The conference requires non-exclusive publication rights to submitted papers including the publication of audio and video proceedings. Copyright is retained by the author. We do ask that we be the first organisation to publish any given paper.

Failure to Submit

In the event that a deadline is missed we reserve the right to revoke any offer to present.

Review Committee

Jes Sorensen, Wild Open Source
Matt Domsch, Dell
Gerrit Huizenga, IBM
Matthew Wilcox, HP
Dirk Hohndel, Intel
Val Henson, Sun Microsystems
Jamal Hadi Salimi, Znyx
Andrew Hutton, Steamballoon Incorporated


Some meeting proposals as well as proposals for other kinds of new activities may not fit with the above structure exactly but we welcome them all the same. If you have something you'd like to do but are not sure where it fits please adhere to the proposal deadline and contact papers at linuxsymposium.org to discuss your proposal.