OLS Audio

Q5 = Ogg Speex quality 5
Q8 = Ogg Speex quality 8 (speexenc default)

Playback help

All audio files are in Ogg Speex format. Suggested players:

Technical details

Audio was recorded from Thursday lunchtime onwards. I unfortunately did not get hardware in advance, and it took a fair amount of time to get all the audio software working on the machines AMD sent.

Downstairs audio was sent directly from the mixer's inserts (pre-fader) to Richard's Delta 1010 sound card and recorded using Ardour. Upstairs audio was sent from an aux. send via the Congress Centre's in-house wiring to the downstairs mixer (for monitoring) and then to the Delta 1010. For the keynote, we brought the recording PC upstairs and used two aux. sends: one for Andrew Morton's mic. and one for the handheld wireless.

Unfortunately, questions can not be heard in the recordings except in the keynote when Rusty ran around with a wireless mic. Next year, I'm considering setting up some microphones to record audience questions. Email me if you would like to hear this happen so I know it's worth the money and effort.

Thanks to Richard for lending equipment and providing advice and EQ help, Martin, Kevin, and Mike for help with setup, teardown, and running the mixers, and to Paul Davis and the rest of the Ardour team for their software.

Send comments, questions, flames, etc. to audio [at] linuxsymposium [dot] org