2002 Linux Symposium


Vaijayanthimala K Anand IBM
TCP/IP Network Stack Performance in Linux Kernel 2.4.x and 2.5.x
Abdul Basit Wichita State University
Mobile Cluster computing using IPv6
James Bottomley SteelEye Technology, Inc
Incrementally Improving the Linux SCSI Subsystem
Peter J Braam Cluster File Systems
Lustre: the intergalactic file system
Zach A Brown  
Cebolla: Pragmatic IP Anonymity
Chema Celorio  
GnomePrint. The future of the GNOME printing infrastructure
Wim A Coekaerts Oracle
High performance applications on a linux cluster.
Russell Coker  
Packaging NSA SE Linux for Debian
Jean-Luc R Cooke CertainKey Inc.
The long road to the AES
Sean Dague IBM
System Installation Suite
Hugh Daniel Linux FreeS/WAN Project
Making privacy the Default in Linux Networking
Jeff G Dike  
Making Linux safe for virtual machines
Andreas E Dilger Cluster File Systems
Online Resizing with ext2 and ext3
Randy Dunlap Open Source Development Lab
Using OSDL Scalable Test Platform
Michael D Durrant Arcturus Networks Inc.
Running Linux on a DSP?
David A Edwards Intel Corporation
An Approach to Injecting faults into "Hardened" Software
Vitor C Feitosa  
Authenticating Windows 2000 users on a Linux Workstation
Richard E Gooch  
Advanced Boot Scripts
Grant Grundler HP
Porting drivers to HP Mckinley IO subsystems
Ibrahim Haddad Ericsson Research
Supporting IPv6 on Linux Servers
Christoph Hellwig  
Reverse engineering an advanced filesystem
Val Henson  
BitKeeper for Kernel Developers
Graydon Hoare Red Hat Software
One-Day Compilers
Bert Hubert PowerDNS
Linux Traffic Control - for the user and developer
Trent Jaeger IBM
Maintaining the Correctness of the Linux Security Modules Framework
Dave Jones SuSE Labs
"Buried alive in patches" (or Patchbombing 101) -- 6 months of picking up the pieces of the 2.5 Linux kernel.
Greg Kroah-Hartman  
Documentation/CodingStyle and Beyond
Benjamin C.R. LaHaise  
Round 3: aio vs /dev/epoll
Paul Larson IBM
The Linux Test Project
Charles Levert Ericsson Research
Security Policy Generation through Package Management
Hanna Linder IBM
Scalability of the Directory Entry Cache
Rick M Lindsley  
BKL: One Lock to Bind Them All
Brian M. Luethke Oak Ridge National lab
HPC Federated Cluster Administration with C3 v3.1
Lars Marowsky-Brée SuSE Linux AG
The Open Clustering Framework
Dave McCracken IBM
POSIX threads and the Linux kernel
Paul E McKenney IBM
Read-Copy Update
Wayne Meretsky AMD
Hammer is here!
Patrick Mochel  
The Linux Kernel Device Model
Erik Mouw Delft University of Technology
LART Lessons Learned
John L Mugler Oak Ridge National Laboratory
User Interfaces for Clustering Tools
Shailabh Nagar IBM
Improving Linux block I/O performance for enterprise workloads
Thomas J Naughton Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Clustering with OSCAR
Iyad Ouaiss Lebanese American University
A Comparative Study of Device Driver APIs towards a Uniform Linux Approach
Havoc Pennington Red Hat Inc.
GConf: manageable desktop configuration
Daniel R Phillips  
The HTree Directory Index for Ext2
Makan Pourzandi Ericsson Research
A Distributed Security Infrastructure for Carrier Class Linux Clusters
Steven L. Pratt IBM
EVMS: A Common Framework for Volume Management
Michael C Richardson Sandelman Software Works Corporation
Automatic Regression testing of network code: User-Mode Linux and FreeSWAN.
Alan L Robertson IBM
PILS - A Generalized Plugin and Interface Loading System
Rusty Russell  
fuss, futexes and furwocks: Fast Userlevel Locking in Linux
Yuji Y.S Sekiya Keio University
Evaluation and Improvement of IPv6 Protocol Stack by USAGI Project
Alex Tsariounov Hewlett-Packard Company
Prospect - A Sampling System Profiler for Linux, Design, Implementation, and Internals
Stephen C Tweedie Red Hat, Inc.
Arjan van de Ven Red Hat, Inc.
How to NOT write kernel drivers
Erik J Walthinsen  
MetaNet: Message-Passing Network Daemons
Harald Welte Astaro AG
How to replicate the fire - HA for netfilter based firewalls
Simon J Winwood IBM
Multiple Page Size Support in the Linux Kernel
David Woodhouse Red Hat UK Ltd
Embedding Linux
Chris M Wright WireX Communications, Inc.
Linux Security Module Framework
Dan York Mitel Networks Corp.
Single-Source Publishing with DocBook XML
Miroslaw Zakrzewski Ericsson Research
Access Control in Distributed Environments
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