1999 Linux Symposium

x11 graphics programming


The Black Art of X11 Graphics Programming

How do you get the best performance, behavior and functionality from your X programs? X11 is a very large very powerful graphics display system. It contains many pitfalls, caveats and powerful features that can be used to enhance or detract when used incorrectly or not used at all. We will discuss some of the learning experiences taught by writing a window manager at the Xlib level. The mistakes made, those still being made, and how you can avoid them. New additions to X will be covered - including an alpha-blending extension.

Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler

A Senior software engineer at VA Linux educated in Sydney, Australia. He attended the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and graduated after having written several programs for X Windows. Has written programs for X including Enlightenment Electric Eyes, Gtk theme engines, Imlib, Imlib2, Epplets, several of which are still ongoing projects. He has worked for Red Hat software, and is now with VA Linux systems in Sunnyvale, California. The Amiga remains near and dear to his heart.

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