1999 Linux Symposium

linux virtual servers for scalable network services


Linux Virtual Servers for Scalable Network Services

The goal of Linux Virtual Servers is to provide a basic framework to build highly scalable and highly available network services using a large cluster of commodity servers. Scalability is achieved by being able to transparently add or remove a node in the cluster. High availability is provided by detecting node and daemon failures and re-configure the system on the fly appropriately.

We will discuss its working principles, and cover several of its key features including scalability and cluster management, as well as an overview of current limitations.

Wensong Zhang

Wensong is a graduate student at National Laboratory for Parallel & Distributed Processing in China. He has been spending a lot of time since May 1998 working on the Linux Virtual Server project. He would like to continue doing interesting work with Linux clusters in the future.

He is a happy Linux user, and sometimes helps promote Linux use and open source development in China. He enjoys swimming, playing chess and bridge, and solving mathematical problems.

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