1999 Linux Symposium

vacm: managing remote servers


VACM: Managing Remote Servers

As the power of Linux becomes fully realized in todays server installations, the percentage of off-the-shelf PC's in server deployments are increasing. One of the increasing problems is management and monitoring a growing number of PC machines which may be spread around the world. 24/7 on-site monitoring is not often affordable yet the importance of these machines are increasing. This discussion will focus on different types of out-of-band server management techniques; including the VACM 2.0.0 Cluster / Server Management and Monitoring Suite.

Discussion of the Integrated Platform Management Interface (IPMI) will also be included, showing how the present and future IPMI implementations will lead the PC server into the realm of remote management and monitoring that even most ultra high end servers cannot match.

San Mehat

San wrote the first Linux in a PC BIOS and the first artificially intelligent network scanner. San is one of the most prominent names with respect to hardware/software interfaces for Linux. San is an expert on embedded Linux, and prior to working at VA, was the Chief Architect of the Corel NetWinder. Recent accomplishments includes authoring the VA Reliance Desktop, and being the driving force behind the VA Cluster Manager (VACM, pronounced 'Vacuum'); if you ever conceive of using real server management for the Linux platform, someone like San is indispensable. San has previously worked for companies like Corel and Nortel. He is the author and maintainer of the TCP/IP drinking game, and likes to DJ when he can.

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