1999 Linux Symposium




Werner Almesberger (EPFL ICA)
Booting Linux: The History and the Future
Michael Ang (Linuxcare Canada)
Introduction to XPCOM: Modular Code In Mozilla
Pat Beirne (Corel)
Dynamic Libraries: How they work
Steve Best (IBM)
JFS for Linux
Richard Guy Briggs (The FreeS/WAN Project)
Using FreeS/WAN
Alan Cox (Red Hat UK)
Hugh Daniel (The FreeS/WAN Project)
Using FreeS/WAN
Michael Durant (Rt-Control Inc.)
The Embedded Linux revolution: From Toasters to Servers
Jerome Etienne ( Precise Software Technologies Inc.)
ARPSec, an ARP security extension
Ste'phan Eranian ( HP Inc.)
IA64 Linux - On IA64
Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler (VA Linux Systems Inc.)
X - The black art of X11 Graphics programming
Jon "Maddog" Hall (VA Linux Systems Inc.)
Welcome Address: Computing from Large to Small, to Large to Small.
Graydon Hoare (Zero-Knowledge Systems)
Peter Iannarelli (CRYPTOCard Corporation)
NOTE: Peter did not show, did not call, and when contacted claimed Something important came up at the Office. We were not impressed.
Andi Kleen (SuSE)
Topics in Linux Networking Programming
Ben LaHaise(Red Hat Inc.)
Memory management Part 2
Chris Lahey (Helix Code)
The Gnome Canvas: a Generic Engine for Structured Graphics
Steve Lord(sgi Inc.)
Porting XFS to Linux
Paul Mackerras (Linuxcare Australia)
The new PPP subsystem for the 2.3/2.4 kernel
Lars Marowsky-Brée (SuSE Germany)
Linux FailSafe - High Availability for Linux
Dave Mason (Red Hat Inc.)
DocBook:A Tutorial for Hackers and Writers
Michael Meeks (Helix Code)
The Bonobo Component Model, an Implementation tutorial
San Mehat (VA Linux Systems)
VACM: Managing Remote Servers
David S. Miller (Red Hat Inc.)
Keynote Speaker
Ken Preslan (Sistina Software)
GFS: The Global Filesystem
Deb Richardson (Zero-Knowledge Systems)
DocBook: A Tutorial for Hackers and Writers
Rik van Riel (Conectiva)
Too little, too slow; changing memory management
Stephen Rothwell (Linuxcare Australia)
Power Management and Linux
Paul "Rusty" Russell (Linuxcare Australia)
Packet Mangling in The Linux Kernel
Jamal Hadi Salim (Nortel Networks)
Fast Forwarding The Bird
Deepak Saxena (MontaVista)
Intelligent I/O Capabilities for Linux
Stefan Seefeld
Mike Shaver (Zero-Knowledge Systems)
Open Source Practices: The Second 90%
Jes Sorensen (Linuxcare Canada)
Optimizing Linux device drivers for SMP
Henry Spencer (SPsystems)
Making Network Encryption Usable... and Secure
John Stewart (Communications Research Centre)
Shared 3D virtual worlds
Dave Taylor (Transmeta Corporation)
Transmeta Crusoe Architecture and Optimization Strategies
Andrew Tridgell (Linuxcare Australia)
The Rsync Algorithm
Ted Ts'o (VA Linux Systems)
Linux Filesystem Developments
Stephen Tweedie (Red Hat Inc.)
The Extended 3 Filesystem
Matthew Wilcox (Linuxcare Canada)
Linux on the PA-RISC processor
Dan Winship (Helix Code)
Wensong Zhang
Linux Virtual Servers for Scalable Network Services
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