1999 Linux Symposium

open source practises


Open Source Practises: The Second 90%

Grab your code. Slam it into Sourceforge's CVS, and put up a web page or thirty. And you're off! Or are you?

Open source development has never been as supported or as understood by the software industry than it is today. There are still many unsolved problems. What about patent issues? Cryptography?

How does your company interact with the rest of the open source community, when push comes to schedule? How do you choose a license, or maybe two? We will discuss the current state of various Open Source arts, and then the speaker will submit to a battery of ridicule and questions.

Mike Shaver

One of the world's most respected experts in open source project management. Mike previously worked for Netscape Communications as a member of mozilla.org, the group organizing development of the open source Mozilla web browser. A veteran of open source development he was responsible for evangelism, developer relations and general project architecture at Mozilla. He is still involved with Mozilla in an advisory capacity. Prior to Netscape, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Ingenia Communications, an Ottawa based Internet consulting group.

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