1999 Linux Symposium

xpcom: modular code in mozilla


Introduction to XPCOM: Modular Code In Mozilla

The Cross-Platform Component Object Model (XPCOM) was created to provide a framework for writing modular code in Mozilla. With XPCOM, code is divided up into "components" with interfaces defined in the Cross-Platform Interface Definition Language (XPIDL). These components can be tied together using C++, JavaScript, and potentially other languages. This talk will introduce XPCOM's core concepts by showing you how to use existing components and how to create new ones. You should walk away from this session confident in your ability to write "hello world" in yet another way.

Michael Ang

Michael, a former Netscape software developer, started working on the now euphemistically named "Mozilla Classic" code base in January 1998. While at Netscape he worked on the JavaScript interpreter, the XPIDL compiler and XPConnect. His recent antics include kernel and device driver hacking for the PA-RISC Linux port as well as sporadic contributions to the Mozilla project. His secret life as a college radio DJ is not the subject of this talk.

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