1999 Linux Symposium

packet mangling in the linux kernel


Packet Mangling in the Linux Kernel

We will cover the history of masquerading, transparent proxy, port forwarding and Network Address Translation on Linux. It will explain how these have been implemented in Linux 2.3, and what infrastructure changes required. The theory behind dynamic packet manipulation (NAPT) will be explained in some depth, with special concern for caveats, and potential uses.

Paul "Rusty" Russell

Rusty Russell is one of them crazy Australians from Linuxcare's Ozlabs. During college, he wrote an AI (in Z80 assembler) which was smarter than himself: this makes him perfectly qualified to be the Linux Kernel IP Firewall maintainer. For the last year he has been working on a unified packet mangling infrastructure inside the Linux kernel, and then implementing the existing transparent proxy / masquerade / port-forward code on top of it. It was during this process that he became the angry, angry young man he is today.

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